Wednesday, September 18, 2019


From high atop Marxist Manhattan's Mendacity Factory often referred to as the “The Gray Lady," the self-important "Editorial Board" of Sulzberger’s Slimes, headed by Andrew Rosenthal -- that miserable little rodent behind the curtain who thinks he can shape the planet nearer to his dark heart -- farts out a piece of totalitarian fecal matter with extremely dangerous implications for the future. Having been stymied and frustrated by a president and Congress which have “failed to act” on several cherished Globalist initiatives, the demonic serpents of the Left are advancing their relentless attack on liberty and sanity on a new front  -- through the SJW's (Social Justice Warriors), deluded females and gutless cowards of who now populate, and in a growing number of cases, dominate much of “Corporate America.”

Sadly, Rosenthal, in summarizing the effectiveness and potential of this fiendishly clever scheme to essentially deputize the corporations as unelected / unaccountable / untouchable hitmen for the Leftist Mafia, is not exaggerating. Let’s review and analyze a few excerpts:

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