Tuesday, May 21, 2019

WikiLeaks & Assange Exposed Deep State Crimes

After years spent hiding in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested. Deep State propagandists in the media could barely contain their excitement over the arrest and upcoming prosecution of Assange on criminal charges filed by the U.S. Department of Justice. And it is not hard to see why. Assange and his organization helped to expose a wide array of Deep State crimes, ranging from illegal gunrunning and war crimes to subversion and even perversion among elites. Taken together, it is clear that because of WikiLeaks and its disclosures, the world is much better informed about what has been taking place in the shadows.

So far, however, the crimes exposed by WikiLeaks have gone largely unpunished. Instead, the Deep State turned its attention to WikiLeaks founder Assange and those who provided information to him. In Sweden, prosecutors filed “sex crimes” charges against Assange because he allegedly failed to use a condom during consensual sex. But in the United States, matters were more serious. Under the guise of protecting “national security,” a number of Deep State operatives called for him to be prosecuted for “espionage” or even “treason,” perhaps forgetting that Assange is not American.

The Deep State is serious about keeping its secrets. Prior to Assange’s arrest, an advisor to then-Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper proposed skipping the whole “due process” thing and simply having Obama assassinate Assange with a drone-fired missile. Numerous neocons called Assange an “enemy combatant.”  

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Theresa May Will Set Timetable for Her Resignation in Early June

Whether or not her Brexit deal passes, British Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that she will announce a date for her resignation. The decision comes after months of repeated failure to deliver the U.K.’s divorce from the European Union, which was demanded by British citizens in 2016.

In a joint statement released by the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers and May, the two sides said they would meet during the week of June 3 in order to “agree on a timetable for the election of a new leader.” 

The 1922 Committee, made up of rank-and-file Tory MPs, has been pressuring May to step down for months now. In recent weeks, after the third defeat of May’s Brexit plan and the failure of May’s government to leave the EU on March 29 as originally scheduled, that pressure has increased, even to the point of the committee considering amending the rule that a no-confidence vote against a member can only be taken a calendar year after any previous such vote. May survived a Tory no-confidence vote in December

May met with the 1922 Committee on Wednesday. “We had a very frank exchange with the prime minister,” said Sir Graham Brady, the leader of the powerful committee. The prime minister was informed by the committee that unless she resigned, she would face another no-confidence vote, which she would almost surely lose this time around.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran, in Echoes of Iraq War

At a meeting of President Trump’s top national security aides last Thursday, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan presented an updated military plan that envisions sending as many as 120,000 troops to the Middle East should Iran attack American forces or accelerate work on nuclear weapons, administration officials said.

The revisions were ordered by hard-liners led by John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump’s national security adviser. They do not call for a land invasion of Iran, which would require vastly more troops, officials said.

The development reflects the influence of Mr. Bolton, one of the administration’s most virulent Iran hawks, whose push for confrontation with Tehran was ignored more than a decade ago by President George W. Bush.

It is highly uncertain whether Mr. Trump, who has sought to disentangle the United States from Afghanistan and Syria, ultimately would send so many American forces back to the Middle East.

It is also unclear whether the president has been briefed on the number of troops or other details in the plans. On Monday, asked about if he was seeking regime change in Iran, Mr. Trump said: “We’ll see what happens with Iran. If they do anything, it would be a very bad mistake.”

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Bolton Is Spinning Israeli ‘Intelligence’ to Push for War Against Iran

John Bolton has gotten away with a dangerous deception. The national security adviser’s announcement Sunday that the Pentagon has deployed air and naval forces to the Middle East, which he combined with a threat to Iran, points to a new maneuver to prepare the ground for an incident that could justify a retaliatory attack against Iran.

Bolton presented his threat and the deployments as a response to alleged intelligence about a possible Iranian attack on U.S. targets in the Middle East. But what has emerged indicates that the alleged intelligence does not actually reflect any dramatic new information or analysis from the US intelligence community. Instead, it has all the hallmarks of a highly political case concocted by Bolton.

Further underscoring the deceptive character of Bolton’s maneuver is evidence that senior Israeli national security officials played a key role in creating the alleged intelligence rationale for the case.

The new initiative follows an audacious ruse carried out last fall by Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, detailed in Truthdig in February, to cast the firing of a few mortar rounds in the vicinity of the US Embassy and a consulate in Iraq as evidence of an effort by Tehran to harm US diplomats. Bolton exploited that opportunity to press Pentagon officials to provide retaliatory military options, which they did, reluctantly.

Bolton and Pompeo thus established a policy that the Trump administration would hold Iran responsible for any incident involving forces supported by Iran that could be portrayed as an attack on either US personnel or US“interests.”

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Thursday, May 09, 2019

A Chinese Caribbean? Washington Not Happy About “New China Focus” in Cuba, Venezuela and Panama

As it becomes clear that the Trump Administration support, so far unsuccessful, for regime change in Venezuela is also very much about targeting the huge financial presence of China with the Maduro government, recent news of a major Chinese oil success in Cuban waters will clearly deepen the geopolitical tensions. And it involves not only Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil.

China’s major state-owned oil company, CNPC, through its subsidiary, Great Wall Drilling, has begun exploring for oil off Cuba’s coast in a joint venture with state-owned oil firm Cuba Petroleum Company (CUPET), according to an April 16 report in the China state news agency, Xinhua. Great Wall has been engaged in oil exploration in Cuba since 2005, but this is the most promising result to date. Advanced drilling technology from CNPC has opened the prospect of major oil off Cuba for the first time.

The news comes as Washington sanctions target Venezuela oil earnings and also its agreements to supply Cuba with low cost oil. While the Maduro government continues to insist it will deliver oil to Cuba despite sanctions, clearly the security of supply is becoming riskier and supply less.

On April 21 US National Security Adviser John Bolton announced that Washington will use a heretofore unused sanction law that allows legal action in US courts to sue foreigners using property seized by the communist regime. While it’s not clear how hard that will hit Cuba, it will clearly chill foreign companies looking to invest in Cuba.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Bolton’s Vague Press Release Lays Foundation for Military Attack Against Iran

In a late Sunday press release, National Security Advisor John Bolton announced the deployment of the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group (ABECSG) and a bomber task force to U.S. Central Command as a “clear and unmistakable message to Iran.” The press release claims that the move was made “in response to a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings,” which were left unspecified.

The statement further claims that “any attack on United States interests or on those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force” and that, while “the United States is not seeking war with the Iranian regime,” the Trump administration is “fully prepared to respond to any attack, whether by proxy, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or regular Iranian forces.”

Last month, in a move that many viewed as a set-up for a war with Iran — which has long been sought by Bolton as well as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, even prior to their posts in the current administration — the Trump administration labeled the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran as a terrorist organization. Iran’s government subsequently responded in kind, labeling U.S. soldiers of Central Command as terrorists and designating the U.S. government as a state sponsor of terrorism.

While Bolton framed the latest move as a “warning” to Iran, it turns out that the deployment of the Lincoln Carrier Strike Group to U.S. Central Command was actually announced last month with no mention at all of Iran. Indeed, a Navy press release published on April 8 stated that “the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group (ABECSG) departed Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, April 1, for a regularly scheduled deployment.” The fleet has already been stationed in the Central Command region since at least April 15, when the U.S. Naval Institute announced that it was anchored off the coast of Spain.

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Friday, May 03, 2019

Snopes Defends Teaching Child Rape to Children

The fake “fact checking” website Snopes has once again attempted to deceive readers, this time lying about a growing scandal in California involving the teaching of pedophilia and pederasty as a “sexual orientation.” But considering the fact that Snopes was founded by sex perverts and con artists, it's not surprising to see the website try to cover up perversion. Indeed, the Snopes writer even defended teaching children about the rape of children and suggests that pedophilia is only wrong by “modern” standards.

In its April 29 “fact check,” referring to an article published by The Newman Report on April 17 headlined “Pedophilia Being Taught As 'Sexual Orientation' in California Schools,” Snopes twisted itself into pretzels lying and then defending the outrageous lesson.

The writer listed the claim in question as: “In 2018 or 2019, Brea Olinda Unified School District in California 'taught pedophilia as a sexual orientation.'" Dan MacGuill, who has developed a reputation for publishing lies and propaganda, labeled the claim “false.”

But ironically, he then proceeded to prove and further document the accuracy of the claim. Indeed, MacGuill even included a video of Brea Olinda Assistant Superintendent Kerrie Torres explaining that it is “really important” to teach children about man-boy sex “because we are talking about historical perspectives of how gender relations and different types of sexual orientations have existed in history.”

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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Doubts at America’s National Security Agency (NSA): Shelving a Mass Surveillance Program?

Earlier this year, Luke Murry, national security adviser for Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, revealed that the National Security Agency had been averse over the last six months to using the phone surveillance program that hoovers information from millions of US phone calls and text messages.  This was hardly a comforting point; the issue spoke as much to competence as it did to any broader issue of warrantless surveillance of the good people in Freedom’s land.  Vast, cumbersome, and generally self-defeating, the essence of such programs is paranoid inefficiency.  Put it down to “technical issues”, suggested Murry.
The Call Details Records (CDR) program, hostile to liberties in its warrantless nature, has been a fixture of the US security landscape since 2001, when that nasty piece of legislation known as the USA PATRIOT ACT found its way onto the statue books.  The program was given legal approval by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court pursuant to Section 215 of that dastardly piece of penmanship.
The extent of its operation was unveiled in dramatic fashion by Edward Snowden to media outlets in 2013, the surveillance system specific to gathering the metadata of domestic phone calls, a mosaic of caller, recipient and time of contact, has been the subject of scrutiny.  There are numerous others, but this one came in for special attention.
As Elliot Harmer of the Electronic Frontier Foundation explains,
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Monday, April 29, 2019

Trump Announces U.S. Withdrawal From UN Arms Trade Treaty

During his speech April 26 to the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, President Donald Trump revealed that he will end the participation of the United States in the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

“Today, I’m proud to announce another historic step to protect your Second Amendment rights,” the president told those gathered to discuss the future of the right to keep and bear arms.

Then, after informing the audience that he had not informed the NRA-ILA leadership in advance that he intended to make this praiseworthy parting of ways with the UN, President Trump spelled out his motivation for abandoning the ATT:

So, in the last administration, President Obama signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.  And in his waning days in office, he sent the treaty to the Senate to begin the ratification process.

This treaty threatened your subjugate — and you know exactly what’s going on here — your rights and your constitutional and international rules and restrictions and regulations.

Under my administration, we will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone. We will never allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on your Second Amendment freedom.  And that is why my administration will never ratify the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.  I hope you’re happy.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Supreme Court Appears Poised to Uphold Citizenship Question

When the Trump administration’s Commerce Department, led by Secretary Wilbur Ross, opted to add a “citizenship” question to the decennial federal census, Democrats became alarmed. They contended that even asking such a question may lead to some non-citizens evading a response to the census, which was authorized by the U.S. Constitution, for the express purpose of counting every person in the country.

Evidently, Democrats are worried that if illegal residents (there would be no reason for a legal resident to be concerned) fail to answer the question for fear of deportation, Democrat electoral success could be diminished. Because of this, several states controlled by Democratic politicians filed suit in federal court, asking for the offending question to be removed.

In oral arguments this week in the Supreme Court, it appears that a majority of the justices are inclined to uphold the decision of the Commerce Department to include the question in the 2020 census. Because the forms must be printed soon, the Court has expedited the case, and a decision is expected in June.

Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution authorizes the taking of the census. “The actual enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they [Congress] by law direct.”

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Ukraine: Why ‘OU’ Lost By a Landslide

With the landslide victory of Volodymyr Zelensky, who won 73 percent of the vote, the comedian will become the president of Ukraine. Understanding how this occurred becomes easy when people review US government documents published by WikiLeaks about the outgoing president.

Who is “OU”? Our Ukraine. In a classified diplomatic cable from 2006 released by WikiLeaks.org, U.S. officials refer to Poroshenko as “Our Ukraine (OU) insider Petro Poroshenko.” “Our Ukraine” has been in the pocket of the US government for 13 years.

The US government knew he was corrupt. A separate cable also released by WikiLeaks makes that clear. The May 2006 cable states “Poroshenko was tainted by credible corruption allegations, but wielded significant influence within OU; Poroshenko’s price had to be paid.” The US government knew he was corrupt, but allowing his corruption was a price the US was willing to pay to have Our Ukraine serving as president.

The document also describes the “bad blood” between Poroshenko and Yuliya Tymoshenko. This bad blood continues to this day as Tymoshenko came in third in the first round of the elections, and it seemed to continue through the General Election, as those who voted for her, voted for Zelensky — or against Poroshenko. The memo describes the Tymoshenko-Poroshenko relationship writing, “there is a thin line between love and hate,” and describing how “Tymoshenko and Poroshenko might appear in public, shake hands, agree to ‘do business’ together” but a coalition between them was unlikely to last.

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Rabbi says Notre Dame burned because the Talmud was burned

"Notre Dame Fire May Be Divine Punishment, Says Prominent Settler Rabbi Urging ‘God-fearing Jews’ to refrain from grieving.

"Leading religious-Zionist figure invokes 13th-century Talmud book burning as possible reason for the devastating blaze.

"The conflagration at Notre Dame de Paris that badly damaged the ancient cathedral on Monday was possibly divine punishment, an influential Israeli rabbi said on Wednesday April 17, invoking a 13th-century burning of Jewish scriptures.

"...when answering the question 'So it can’t be said that it was punishment?' the rabbi wrote, 'It is possible, after all. The first big Talmud burning was in Paris, there in the plaza of the Notre Dame Cathedral.'

"Aviner said it was a result of the Paris trial, 'In which Jewish sages in France of that generation were forced into confrontation with the Christian sages. The result was the burning of the Talmud. The Talmud books were brought to the Notre Dame square in 20 wagons...and were burned there, meaning, 1,200 Tamlud books.'

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Americans Have No Idea What “Freedom of the Press” Means

Many people believe that freedom of the press means that credentialed, professional journalists working for mainstream media outlets are protected when they criticize the government.

And they think that Julian Assange – or some random blogger – are not entitled to press freedoms, since they aren’t real reporters or publishers.

Indeed, a Google Search for “Assange is not a journalist/reporter/publisher” turns up 62,000 web pages, many of them from the largest media corporations.

What Is Freedom of the Press?

However, as we noted in 2014:

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Assange Held at “Britain’s Guantanamo Bay” as UN Urges Fair Trial

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange faces a likely extended extradition battle after this week’s dramatic end to his seven-year asylum stay holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy.

He’s now in a British jail, and though UK authorities have yet to confirm the precise place of his detention, multiple reports suggest that he’s being held in what’s dubbed “Britain’s Guantanamo Bay” — or Belmarsh Prison, given its reputation as a holding facility for terrorists and high-profile criminals.

Crucially, the United Nations human rights office has now weighed in, on Friday urging that the UK government holds a fair trial as a US extradition request hangs over the proceedings.

U.N. human rights spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani told a Geneva news briefing: “We expect all the relevant authorities to ensure Mr. Assange’s right to a fair trial is upheld by authorities, including in any extradition proceedings that may take place,” according to Reuters.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

EU grants UK Brexit delay until October: report

BRUSSELS – European Union leaders agreed to grant British Prime Minister Theresa May a new Brexit deadline of Oct. 31, diplomats told Reuters after French President Emmanuel Macron opposed summit efforts to give her another year.

Summit chair Donald Tusk tweeted that an extension had been agreed to but gave no details as he went to brief May on the outcome and seek her necessary agreement to the deal.

The late-night deal means Britain will not crash out of the bloc on Friday and gives May more than the three months she had asked for to build a parliamentary majority behind the withdrawal treaty she negotiated with the EU last year.

But Macron’s push for a June Brexit and strong opposition to other leaders’ preference for a much longer extension that might increase the chances of Britain changing its mind to stay in the bloc meant the meeting ended up with the October compromise.

Oct. 31 would correspond to the end of the five-year mandate of the present EU executive commission.

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