Tuesday, November 20, 2018

As the Obama DOJ Concluded, Prosecution of Julian Assange for Publishing Documents Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedom

The Trump Justice Department inadvertently revealed in a court filing that it has charged Julian Assange in a sealed indictment. The disclosure occurred through a remarkably amateurish cutting-and-pasting error in which prosecutors unintentionally used secret language from Assange’s sealed charges in a document filed in an unrelated case. Although the document does not specify which charges have been filed against Assange, the Wall Street Journal reported that “they may involve the Espionage Act, which criminalizes the disclosure of national defense-related information.”

Over the last two years, journalists and others have melodramatically claimed that press freedoms were being assaulted by the Trump administration due to trivial acts such as the President spouting adolescent insults on Twitter at Chuck Todd and Wolf Blitzer or banning Jim Acosta from White House press conferences due to his refusal to stop preening for a few minutes so as to allow other journalists to ask questions. Meanwhile, actual and real threats to press freedoms that began with the Obama DOJ and have escalated with the Trump DOJ – such as aggressive attempts to unearth and prosecute sources – have gone largely ignored if not applauded.

But prosecuting Assange and/or WikiLeaks for publishing classified documents would be in an entirely different universe of press freedom threats. Reporting on the secret acts of government officials or powerful financial actors – including by publishing documents taken without authorization – is at the core of investigative journalism. From the Pentagon Papers to the Panama Papers to the Snowden disclosures to publication of Trump’s tax returns to the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, some of the most important journalism over the last several decades has occurred because it is legal and constitutional to publish secret documents even if the sources of those documents obtained them through illicit or even illegal means.

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Court Rules Hillary Clinton Must Answer Key Questions About Her Private Server

Judicial Watch appeared in a DC federal court Wednesday on a motion to compel more testimony from Hillary Clinton as well as to make public video recordings of depositions of top Clinton aides such as Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.

The court ruled that Hillary Clinton must answer more questions about the setting up of her private server.

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said that the court denied their request to unseal the video depositions of Clinton’s aides.

TOM FITTON: Breaking: Court rules late today Hillary Clinton must answer more email questions — including key q’s about the setting up of her email system. Court denied our request to unseal vid depositions of Clinton aides. Great work by Michael Bekesha!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Europe Should Become an “Empire” Says French Finance Minister

France’s finance minister has called on Europe to become an “empire” so that it can better compete with the United States and China.

Asserting that “it takes courage to stand in the way of the government” of Donald Trump, Bruno Le Maire told Handelsblatt newspaper that, “Europe should no longer be afraid of using its power and [become] an empire of peace.”

“I’m talking about a peaceful empire which is a constitutional state,” he added.

Le Maire’s statement follows French President Macron’s call for a “real European army” to counter Russian threats and reduce dependence on the U.S.

During yesterday’s Armistice centenary in Paris, Macron also urged world leaders to reject nationalism, claiming it represented a “betrayal of patriotism”.

Given the internal situation in France, it might be advisable for Le Maire and Macron to focus on their own country’s problems.

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Friday, November 09, 2018


The DOJ and DHS announced new policies Thursday restricting illegal aliens from asylum eligibility.

In an Interim Final Rule announced by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, the Trump administration was granted broad authority to block asylum claims for people who violate US immigration laws.

“Consistent with our immigration laws, the President has the broad authority to suspend or restrict the entry of aliens into the United States if he determines it to be in the national interest to do so,” Whitaker and Nielsen said in a joint statement.

“Today’s rule applies this important principle to aliens who violate such a suspension or restriction regarding the southern border imposed by the President by invoking an express authority provided by Congress to restrict eligibility for asylum. Our asylum system is overwhelmed with too many meritless asylum claims from aliens who place a tremendous burden on our resources, preventing us from being able to expeditiously grant asylum to those who truly deserve it. Today, we are using the authority granted to us by Congress to bar aliens who violate a Presidential suspension of entry or other restriction from asylum eligibility.”

A Justice Department press release cites a section from the Immigration and Nationality Act which state the attorney general “may provide by regulation for any other conditions or limitations on the consideration of an application for asylum.”

The administration is hoping the new rules will encourage people planning on entering the US illegally to instead use ports of entry where can be formally processed.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Racism on the Rise

It’s obvious that in a post-Obama America the anti-white zeitgeist is out of pandora’s box. Whether it was always lurking beneath the language of multiculturalism and diversity is for historians to figure out. What’s obvious is that when mainstream media personalities like Don Lemon or New York Times employees like Sarah Jeong freely spew textbook anti-white racism the world takes notice, the Overton window shifts and the temperature rises in the frog-pot. Over in Canada, in Europe and Australia whites are under attack. Due to unprecedented immigration and fatalist progressive experiments, there is no country where anti-white cultural currents are not rising. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, weakness, wealth transfers, preferential treatment, open borders and accommodation were supposed to invite warm feelings, equal outcomes and racial blindness.

It’s not the older conservatives but younger ones and future generations who are facing an unpleasant and unprecedented future if this trajectory continues. Not without reason are Millennials questioning the byzantine social codes and power dynamics they inherited from Boomers. Unlike Cold Warrior conservatives who were raised in communities with high social trust whose unifying threat was Eastern communism, Millennials were the first guinea pigs in the “racial blindness” experiment their elders enlisted them into.

By the 1990s the entire constellation of Christian morality and civic responsibility in the public space had been secularized and compressed into a singular mandate. Millennials were taught from childhood that the highest moral good was serving the self-esteem of non-whites. In prior ages virtues such as courage, modesty, chivalry, valor and faith were ways young adults were encouraged to distinguish themselves but for Millennials it was an adeptness and willingness to navigate the mercurial minefield of knowing when and how to serve the self-esteem of non-whites that mattered.

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Monday, November 05, 2018

Heads Up Florida: Andrew Gillum is Funded by Dark Money from Anti-US Sovereignty Billionaires Soros, Steyer, and Sandler

As the Democrat’s dark money machine continues to pour into competitive senate, congressional and gubernatorial races, corruption allegations and an FBI investigation are currently embroiling Florida’s ultra leftist gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum.

With both Bernie Sanders and Former President Obama making appearances in Florida with Gillum in recent days, it would appear that the Democratic Party believes it is absolutely critical for them to secure this pivotal Governorship in Florida, a key swing state.

Soros, Steyer, and Sandler have provided large contributions to the Former Mayor of Tallahassee, either directly or through dark money pools, such as the ever-secretive and supra-leftist Democracy Alliance.

It would seem that Gillum has already been politically groomed to represent the Anti-American globalist goals of these internationalist billionaires.

Upon winning the Democratic Primary, Mr. Gillum told Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, “I’ll tell you, I’m obviously deeply appreciative of Mr. Soros as well as Mr. Steyer, both men whom I’ve known for some time.”

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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Who Died and Made Robert Mueller Lord and King?

On Tuesday we were given information on accusations against former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

This came after Robert Mueller called on the FBI to investigate a media report that women were being paid to accuse him of sexual misconduct. So here’s a question – Why does Mueller get to use the full power of the federal government to investigate charges against him? Who died and made him lord and king?

President Trump spends millions on legal fees to address personal accusations but King Mueller spends nothing and instead has the American taxpayer pay his legal fees?

We’ve seen these sort of dealings in the not so distant past. There were reports in 2017 that Democrat donors were paying then candidate Trump’s accusers huge sums of money for their false accusations.

We said we would investigate this week’s charges against Robert Mueller. 

We are working on a report for later today.

There is still a press conference scheduled for Thursday at noon in Washington DC.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

In Epic Tweet, President Trump Trolls Leftist Clean Energy Hedge Fund Billionaire Tom “Need To Impeach” Steyer – Exposing His True Motives

Mr. Steyer’s “Need to Impeach” petition drive website states in it’s first sentence, “Donald Trump has admitted that his campaign has colluded with the Russians to get elected.” In actual fact, this statement is categorically false and fraudulent. President Trump has never admitted to any campaign collusion with the Russian Government. In fact he continually states the opposite claiming repeatedly that there was “no collusion” with the Russian Government and refers to the Mueller Investigation as a total “witch hunt”. As for the highly discredited, corrupt and conflicted Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, it has yet to deliver one iota of evidence of collusion between the Russian Government and the the the Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign. On the contrary, thus far the investigation has only uncovered evidence that points to the Hillary Clinton Campaign in partnership with the Obama White House, DOJ, FBI, the heads of certain US intelligence Agencies, and certain US Five Eyes Allies all colluded with Russian operatives to illegally influence the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper yesterday, Steyer accused House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of “a straight-up anti-semitic move” when asked to comment on a tweet sent by McCarthy on Tues, Oct. 22nd which stated, ” We cannot allow Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg to BUY this election. Get out and vote Republican on Nov. 6th #MAGA”. Then, in response, to the bomb package incident of which Steyer was one of the intended targets, he stated that President Trump uses “violent political rhetoric” and accused him of “routine systematic lawlessness”, which according to Steyer, should be a constitutional basis for President Trump’s removal from office. Mr. Steyer continued, “For instance, when the President looks at a UN report that promises unimaginable suffering to the American People and scoffs at it, that seems to me to be the most abject dereliction of duty in the history of the country, ” in what was a clear reference to the UN Climate Report released earlier this month. After all, Mr. Steyer has a vested interest in the resurrection of the Democratic Party’s climate change agenda, as he is a significant investor in a number of clean-tech energy companies that are dependent upon federal and state subsidies.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

CBS’s & NPR’s Rabidly False ‘News’ About the Khashoggi Case

It’s a lie to say, as CBS ‘News’ did on October 24th, that Saudi Crown Prince Salman couldn’t have done what Turkey says he did in the Khashoggi case — couldn’t do it,  because it’s not in the Saud family’s “DNA” to do such things. To the exact contrary: it is the norm for the Saud family, and has been for decades if not longer. What’s not normal in the Khashoggi case is that it was being done to a Saudi who has so many admirers and friends at high places in The West. That’s what makes the Khashoggi case different from all the others. And the evidence for this — and for the pervasive propagandistic fakery in U.S. mainstream ‘news’ reporting about foreign affairs (such as CBS did there) — will be presented here. This routine and unchallenged lying by the ‘news’-media is a super-scandal that the U.S. and UK press don’t report, but instead they all hide that they had lied and routinely do lie. So, since it’s totally unaddressed, it continues, on and on, for at least decades. Probably none of the major American or British ‘news’-media will publish this American samizdat, exposing the press, but this is being submitted to them all, in the hope that maybe at last, some or at least one of them will finally relent, and break open this mega-scandal — about the press itself. It needs to be made public.

The constant lying, at any rate, must stop, regardless how it’s done. Though the problem itself, of repeatedly deceiving-the-public-into-wars, is not being reported, some U.S. and UK ‘news’-media are starting to come clean on aspects of the resulting disaster. The New York Times had participated like all the others in helping George W. Bush lie America into invading and destroying Iraq, but that newspaper, fifteen years later, bannered in its Sunday magazine on August 12th, “War Without End”, and sub-headed “The Pentagon’s failed campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan left a generation of soldiers with little to fight for but one another.” C.J. Chivers wrote, with rare honesty:

The governments of Afghanistan and Iraq, each of which the United States spent hundreds of billions of dollars to build and support, are fragile, brutal and uncertain. The nations they struggle to rule harbor large contingents of irregular fighters and terrorists who have been hardened and made savvy, trained by the experience of fighting the American military machine. Much of the infrastructure the United States built with its citizens’ treasure and its troops’ labor [and bodies!] lies abandoned. Briefly [these infrastructures were] schools or outposts, many [now] are husks, looted and desolate monuments to forgotten plans. Hundreds of thousands of weapons provided to would-be allies have vanished; an innumerable quantity are on markets or in the hands of Washington’s enemies. Billions of dollars spent creating security partners also deputized pedophiles, torturers and thieves. National police or army units that the Pentagon proclaimed essential to their countries’ futures have disbanded. The Islamic State has sponsored or encouraged terrorist attacks across much of the world — exactly the species of crime the global “war on terror” was supposed to prevent.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Tom Fitton Calls on Trump to Launch Criminal Investigation ‘Americans Likely Involved in Financing and Organizing Migrant Caravan’

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton said Tuesday his team’s reporting from Guatemala indicates Americans are likely involved.

Fitton called on the President to launch a criminal investigation into who is financing and organizing the caravan of mostly military-aged males.

The fake news media claims impoverished women and children are walking thousands of miles from Honduras to the United States in search of a better life.

The reality is the majority of the ‘caravan’ is military-aged virile males; the women and children are being used as media props and human shields.

Trucks are actually giving the migrants rides towards the border to help them reach the U.S. just in time for the midterms.

One video shows migrants hitching a ride with local Mexican residents to the next stop 25 miles north, according to embedded reporter, Karla Zabs.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Proud Boy Persecution Shows Street Fighting Has Arrived In America. Next, The Military?

The level of political violence in the U.S. is rising. The main reason for this, of course: the license given by our Establishment to the Antifa movement of Communist thugs. But will violence spread from the streets to the soldiers? I know, it sounds crazily apocalyptic. But it’s being discussed in Britain.

Twice recently—in Charlottesville last year, and in Portland, Oregon two weeks ago—we have seen municipal police forces deliberately stood down by their political superiors so that Antifa could control the streets. The Establishment's media shills either find a way to frame the subsequent violence as someone else's fault, as at Charlottesville, or else they just ignore it, as in Portland.

That is the context in which to evaluate the clashes in New York City on October 12 between Antifa activists and Gavin McInnes's Proud Boys.

Gavin, who is a friend of mine, was to speak at the Metropolitan Republican Club on the Upper East Side. A few hours before his appearance, Antifa vandalized the building, breaking a window and spray-painting anarchist symbols. [Republican club on Upper East Side vandalized, by Katherine Lavacca, Larry Celona and Ben Feuerherd, NY Post, October 12, 2018]Gavin showed up and spoke anyway, but his appearance was followed by street fighting between Antifa and Proud Boys.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Proud Boys Persecution Shows CultMarx “Mob” Is WINNING—Trump’s DOJ Must Act

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has blamed the “far-right” Proud Boys—and, needless to say, President Trump—for the violence that followed Proud Boys founder (and VDARE.com contributor) Gavin McInnes’ recent Metropolitan Republican Club speech. Cuomo called for a federal investigation and assigned “hate crimes” detectives to the case. [Proud Boys Fight at G.O.P Club Spurs Calls for Inquiry; Cuomo Blames Trump, by Ashley Southall and Tyler Pager, New York Times, October 14, 2018] The pattern is now absolutely clear: as at Charlottesville, Leftist local governments will not defend patriots from Antifa attacks. This is what the much-missed Sam Francis called “Anarcho-Tyranny”—“we refuse to control real criminals (that's the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that's the tyranny).” In the streets and campuses of America, Cultural Marxist totalitarianism is upon us. Only Trump’s Department of Justice has the power to turn it back.

Rhetorically at least, the GOP has been calling the Left what it is. A new ad identifies the far-Left as a “mob,” combining to great effect declarations from Democrats like Maxine Waters, Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi with clips of rabid protesters and violent Antifa.

The response from the Main Stream Media: hyperventilating outrage. Indeed, the curious Narrative is being developed that it is illegitimate to use the term “mob”. [The ‘Don’t Call It A Mob’ Supercut Video, by John Sexton, Hot Air, October 11, 2018]

Even Matt Lewis, a cuckservative who has built a career backstabbing the authentic American Right, was contemptuously told to “shut up” by Don Lemon and invited to “leave the show if you want” when Lewis gently suggested that chasing Ted Cruz out of a restaurant was “mob-like behavior”. [CNN’s Don Lemon Tells Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis To ‘Shut Up’ After Being Called Out For Liberal Bias, by Nick Givas, Daily Caller, October 10, 2018]

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Is the Purge of Independent Media a Coordinated Attack by the Military Industrial Complex?

Victims of Facebook’s most recent purge should not forget the connections between the social media giant and the Western Military-Industrial Complex.

On Thursday, Facebook announced they were unpublishing, or purging, over 500 pages and 200 accounts who are accused of spreading political spam. Several of these pages and writers were also removed from Twitter on the same day.

“Today, we’re removing 559 Pages and 251 accounts that have consistently broken our rules against spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior,” Facebook stated in a blog post. Facebook states that the people behind this alleged spam “create networks of Pages using fake accounts or multiple accounts with the same names” and “post the same clickbait posts in dozens of Facebook Groups.”

Essentially, Facebook is accusing these pages of writing articles related to politics and then using the social media platform to…. post the articles in as many places as possible to reach as many people as possible. Hardly dangerous or scary stuff. However, these actions are in violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service. Facebook also accused the pages and accounts of using their fake accounts to generate fake likes and shares which may artificially inflate their reach and mislead people about their popularity. According to Facebook, “This activity goes against what people expect on Facebook, and it violates our policies against spam.”

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Friday, October 12, 2018


President Trump enjoyed his 102nd stock market record last week.

Then Fed Chairman Jerome Powell raised the interests rates AGAIN under President Trump.

Now the Dow Jones is down 1500 1,743 1,501 points in the last week.

President Trump said the “Fed is crazy.”  He’s right.

Trump has been saying for the past year, with Stocks at all-time highs and unemployment at 50-year lows, the Fed’s interest rate increases show a far-left liberal bias.

Right after Barack Obama was elected President, on December 16, 2008, the Federal Reserve (The Fed) lowered the Fed Funds rate by an entire percent, from 1% down to 0% .

The Fed had not lowered the Fed Funds rate by such a large amount (1% ) since at least before 1990, if ever. The Fed kept this 0% rate for most of Obama’s eight years in office.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Trump’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad National Security Team

Gareth Porter paints a dismal picture. Time and again, President Donald Trump indicates he wants to do the right thing: get out Afghanistan, get out of Syria, get out of South Korea.

Every time, his national security team – the people he appointed – sends him to “the tank” and hotboxes him with all the reasons he’s wrong and why the US needs to “stay the course” in multiple wars and absurd deployments.

If the account of Bob Woodward is to be believed, Trump’s flailing against his own appointees is nothing less than pathetic, that of a pitiable Gulliver roped down by Lilliputians of his own installation. As described by Tom Engelhardt:

After all, from National Security Advisor John Bolton (the invasion of Iraq) and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (a longtime regime-change advocate) to CIA Director Gina Haspel (black sites and torture), Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis (former Marine general and CENTCOM commander), and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly (former Marine general and a commander in Iraq), those adolts [sic] and so many like them remain deeply implicated in the path the country took in those years of geopolitical dreaming. They were especially responsible for the decision to invest in the US military (and little else), as well as in endless wars, in the years before Donald Trump came to power. And worse yet, they seem to have learned absolutely nothing from the process. [ . . .]

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