Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Now the Debates!

I am told that rumors have been running riot in Washington ever since I took up the subject of the almost two-dozen candidates seeking the Democratic nomination. One of the hottest rumors is that good ole Joe has more tricks up his sleeve. Not only will he pull his pants down, but he will be wearing shorts with a catchy slogan. The catchiest yet is “Vote for Biden, He’s an Item.” Well, I thought it was a little flat too when I first heard it, but I am told it grows on you. Wait until Thursday night.

There have been some complaints from progressive quarters that if Joe pulls his pants off he will not be acting presidential. I think Congress girl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez objected. I understand she is the smartest of the freshman Democrats in Congress, and she even carries a copy of her college transcript to prove it along with her driver’s license in the event that bartenders on Capitol Hill doubt her age.

Now Joe’s critics have a point about his pants. No one in the history of this country has ever tried to effect a “breakout moment” during a presidential campaign by removing his pants or even his shirt, though I thought Senator John Kerry was headed in that direction when he ran for president in 2004. Certainly his wind surfing was an effort in that direction and was it also skateboarding? Kerry was a lot of laughs. I miss him.

Now the mainstream media have been very dutiful about keeping us au courant about the Democrats’ efforts to retire President Trump in 2020. I especially liked the Washington Post over the weekend reporting that the “Candidates have been digesting briefing books and consuming hours of old debate footage.” If any of the candidates comes to the debates this week with a mouthful of briefing books and old debate footage I say he or she has gone too far. We must keep things in perspective. “Briefing books” are to be read. “Old debate footage” is to be analyzed. This passage was ridiculous. I think sometimes the members of the media get too close to their subjects.

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