Monday, November 05, 2018

Heads Up Florida: Andrew Gillum is Funded by Dark Money from Anti-US Sovereignty Billionaires Soros, Steyer, and Sandler

As the Democrat’s dark money machine continues to pour into competitive senate, congressional and gubernatorial races, corruption allegations and an FBI investigation are currently embroiling Florida’s ultra leftist gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum.

With both Bernie Sanders and Former President Obama making appearances in Florida with Gillum in recent days, it would appear that the Democratic Party believes it is absolutely critical for them to secure this pivotal Governorship in Florida, a key swing state.

Soros, Steyer, and Sandler have provided large contributions to the Former Mayor of Tallahassee, either directly or through dark money pools, such as the ever-secretive and supra-leftist Democracy Alliance.

It would seem that Gillum has already been politically groomed to represent the Anti-American globalist goals of these internationalist billionaires.

Upon winning the Democratic Primary, Mr. Gillum told Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, “I’ll tell you, I’m obviously deeply appreciative of Mr. Soros as well as Mr. Steyer, both men whom I’ve known for some time.”

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