Thursday, April 13, 2017

Make Trump Trump—Refocus On National Question!

Donald Trump is nearing 100 days in office and with few exceptions, the results have not been as we hoped. The once-triumphant unified Republican government may not make it past the midterm elections.

The warning signs are obvious.

In a heavily GOP district in deep red Kansas, Republican Ron Estates barely survived a strong challenge from Democrat James Thompson on Tuesday, despite direct intervention from President Trump [Republican Ron Estes prevails in tough Kansas congressional race, by Bryan Lowry, The Kansas City Star, April 11, 2017].

Another special election in a normally Republican district in Georgia is ominously close, with voting less than a week away [What the Kansas special election means for Georgia’s vote, by Greg Bluestein, Atlanta Journal Constitution, April 12, 2017].

Republican Congressmen openly declare they don’t think they can work together to accomplish anything on health care and tax reform and denounce each other to a gleeful press [GOP infighting imperils agenda, by Scott Wong, The Hill, April 12, 2017].

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