Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mission Imperative: Why the West and Kiev Regime Must Kill the Truth

The detention, incommunicado, of two female Russian journalists over the weekend by Kiev’s secret police, the SBU, was said to be on the grounds of «national security». That admission by the Kiev authorities, ironically, reveals more than is intended. Journalists «armed» only with cameras threatening national security, you may ask? Yes, you better believe it – because any truth being reported about the nature of the Western-backed Kiev regime and its military onslaught in eastern Ukraine is indeed a very real «security threat» – the threat of being exposed for war crimes and unlawful aggression towards Russia. The legal consequences for the Kiev regime and its Western patrons would be devastating. 

The two journalists were named as correspondent Elizaveta Khramtsova and photographer Natalia Kalysheva, who both work for LifeNews based in Moscow. The media outlet’s director Markian Lubkovsky reportedly said he only found out about the detention of his staff after one of them managed to make a hurried phone call before they were «disappeared». Their whereabouts was not known even after several hours from them having been taken into detention. That amounts to abduction and is a grave abuse of international law. Russia’s foreign ministry has demanded that the pair be released immediately. The Kiev-based SBU reportedly would only confirm that the two women will be «expelled in the near future» and that they would be denied future entry into Ukraine.

A second aspect for this heavy-handed treatment of Russian journalists is this: the absolute imperative prevention of the West’s false propaganda against Russia over the Ukraine conflict being completely exposed. More than 80 Russian professional journalists have been expelled from Ukrainian territory since the conflict erupted last year. At least four have been killed by live fire from the Kiev forces. What are the Kiev regime and its Western supporters afraid of?

Washington and its European allies, as well as the NATO military alliance, have for months been churning out claims and bald assertions that Russia has invaded eastern Ukraine with thousands of troops and mechanised divisions. These provocative claims of Russian «aggression» have been amplified, unswervingly and without the slightest investigation or verification, by all Western mainstream media outlets, including the BBC, France 24, Deutsche Welle, CNN and the New York Times. 

Strangely, these multi-million-dollar Western media corporations do not seem to have the resources to send teams of reporters and camera crews into the eastern Ukraine conflict zones of Donetsk and Luhansk to give appropriate extensive coverage. You would think such an assignment would a basic priority, given the supposed duty to report on extreme violence and also given the all-out-war implications of Western accusations against Moscow. Instead, Western corporate media rely inordinately, and tellingly, on the US State Department, NATO and dubious Kiev regime «sources».