Friday, April 05, 2019

Brexit: Waiting for Elizabeth

It looks — at least to us — like Brexit is going to have to be decided by Queen Elizabeth II. Will Her Majesty give her Royal Assent to the bill the Commons has just passed outlawing a so-called no-deal-Brexit? That is, will she be the one to forsake the independence of her own kingdom? Or will she protect the monarchy, which has been sovereign for a thousand years?

Amazing is the word for the fact that it will all come down to the monarch who sits on the British throne. We understand that this is a minority estimate, and by a newspaper born to republican cloth. Then again, too, our understanding is that before a measure that has passed the Commons becomes law, it must be passed by the Lords. The betting is that it the anti-Brexit bill will pass the Lords with ease.

In theory, their lackadaisical lordships could bestir themselves. After all, the measure was rushed through the Commons in what may be record time, a fact that itself casts doubt on the anti-Brexit bill. It passed, in the event, by but a single vote. Even so, their lordships may sleep through the whole thing, if they bother to show up at all. That’s how the Lords are.

Then, however, the measure will have to go to Elizabeth for the Royal Assent. It’s only upon the monarch’s assent that an Act of Parliament becomes the law of the land. It’s always struck us that, at least privately, Elizabeth must be appalled at the idea of her realm being absorbed by the European Union and ruled from Brussels.

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