Friday, March 08, 2019

Burning Books: Amazon Moves to Make Anti-Jihad Author a “Non-person”

Tommy Robinson is, one could say speaking loosely, being turned into a non-person. Oh, he still lives and breathes and walks and talks; though when he talks now, fewer hear him. He surely can still mount a soapbox and opine on a street corner — until the hate-speech cops haul him away. Mind you, it wouldn’t be the first time he was hauled away.

Who is Tommy Robinson? He’s a British anti-Islamization crusader and founder of the anti-immigration English Defense League who the enemedia love dubbing “far right.” He also recently coauthored an Islam-critical book entitled Mohammed’s Koran, which was selling so well on Amazon that the company requested it be put in special sales programs. Then they did give it special status.

Amazon banned it completely.

In fact, even second-hand versions now cannot be sold via its service.

And given that Barnes and Noble already wasn’t carrying the work and eBay has stopped selling it as well — and that the three companies together have almost a monopoly on book sales — it essentially means Mohammed’s Koran has been “disappeared.”

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