Monday, December 17, 2018

The White History of Christmas & How a Real Ultra-Racist Zio-Grinch Stole It!

From  1789 to 1989 the first 200 years of the American Constitution it was perfectly legal and very loved by Americans to have Christian and Christmas Cultural Icons on public ground as part of our American fabric. Even the date of our Constitution was signed by its authors with the preface: “In the Year of our Lord.” 

In 1989 it became illegal to have any Christian-themed Christmas display on any Federal, State, County or City ground. It became illegal to say any prayers in schools, forbidden to even sing Christmas Carols in them or even call the Christmas holidays, “Christmas Holidays!”

In the height of chutzpah, the same Supreme Court decision that outlawed any Christian Symbol because it was religious – decreed that the oldest symbol of the Jewish Religion, the Menorah, even huge, monster Menorahs could be put up on public ground.

So 80 percent of the American people are denied their religious and cultural heritage while less that two percent of the population get’s their religious symbols erected on any public space.

Where Christian motifs once stood in front of the White House and city halls, giant Jewish Menorahs became perfectly legal along Rabbis lighting it in Jewish rituals celebrating Jewish dedication to the preservation of their race, religion and culture in a ritual that DENIES OUR HERITAGE RELIGION AND CULTURE.

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