Monday, September 03, 2018

The Global Alliance for Evil

The global alliance for evil is the system that’s behind the current reality, which some call “permanent war for permanent peace,” and others call “perpetual war for perpetual peace,” but it’s the same thing no matter what it’s called: the ‘national security’ system that exists today, and that was accurately foreseen (and dramatically embellished) in George Orwell’s allegorical novel, 1984. What it is, in reality, is the coerced taking from the public so as to further enrich the aristocracy. And here’s how this system functions, in reality: the aristocracy are the billionaires who control their country’s government and own controlling blocs of stock not only in the privately owned news-media but in the privately owned firms (such as Lockheed Martin and BAE) that make weapons which are sold only to their own government and to the governments which are allied with it. Those governments collectively are called ‘allies’, and thus constitute an international team of aristocracies whose weapons are made by their team and are used against any governments which this team of aristocracies chooses to label as the team’s ‘enemies’. These ‘enemies’ are any nations that are targeted to be conquered by this aristocratic team. The publics in any given country in this aristocratic team — the global alliance for evil — have no real say-so in any of this, but are instead simply forced to fund this aristocratic operation, this operation for international conquest. The public are being forced to fund it (fund their government’s purchase of these corporations’ weapons) by the taxes that they pay to the sovereign government that is their master, and of which government those taxpayers are actually mere subjects (subjects actually of the owners of those weapons-making firms and news-media). These subjects are propagandistically called ‘citizens’ of that given ‘democracy’, in order to ‘justify’ these coerced takings by their aristocracy, to fund its participation in international conquest. This system for international conquest is used by the global alliance for evil, because this is the only system that can even possibly be carried to the point of final victory, which “victory” is an all-encompassing global conquest, the team’s final emergence as the global victor — their goal. No other system than the global alliance for evil can even possibly achieve such victory, which imperialistic aristocracies have always dreamed about; and its main targets now are Russia, Iran, and China; but, first, allies of those targets are targeted, in order to weaken those three.

That paragraph, above, describes the basic structure of these dictatorships, the ones in the global alliance for evil (each and every one of them). (In 1984, Orwell allegorically called this future alliance “Oceania”.) The basic structure is not simple, it’s a complex system: it’s entirely interdependent, so that no part of it can be accurately understood outside the context stated in that paragraph. It’s the context that enables this enormous scam — this vast aristocratic theft from the public — to function effectively. Anyone who doesn’t understand this structure isn’t understanding the basic reality in international relations, nor even the basic reality within that person’s own country. Maybe democracy exists somewhere as being more than a propagandized lie, but democracy certainly does not exist, and cannot exist, within the global alliance for evil. Democracy doesn’t exist there, because that alliance is obsessively committed to the system for conquest, and dictatorship is essential to this system’s functioning at all. It cannot happen in an authentic democracy, because this system consists only of aristocratic rule. The public are mere pawns in such an operation.

This operation is an evil which dwarfs even the evil of churches that use their parishioners’ money in order to sustain the mini-aristocracy called a “theocracy” over their ‘flock’ of sheep to rape or even to slaughter. For example, on Sunday, August 26th, Zero Hedge bannered “In ‘Historic Bombshell’, Vatican Official Accuses Pope Francis Of Covering Up Sexual Abuse, Calls For Resignation”, and linked to this document, dated on August 22, which states:

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