Thursday, June 07, 2018

The Evilness of Today’s U.S. Democratic Party

This isn’t about the Republican Party, which has been controlled by its super-rich ever since Abraham Lincoln was shot in 1865; it’s focusing instead upon the Democratic Party, which didn’t previously serve only the super-rich, but now (like the Republican Party) it does: This is the Party that serves Democratic Party billionaires, instead of Republican Party ones. It’s not democracy, and it therefore cannot even possibly be a democratic republic, either; it is, pure and simple, rule by the aristocracy, otherwise called an “oligarchy.” That’s the proven reality of today’s America.

At least the Republican Party doesn’t pontificate that it wants anything else than that. But the Democratic Party does, and those lies (which now are repeated endlessly by the Party) are compounding the Party’s evilness. When the few people who run the Democratic National Committee, after Trump’s election, chose Hillary Clinton’s candidate Tom Perez, instead of Bernie Sanders’s candidate Keith Ellison, to run the Party, this locked-in the Party’s rot — made it enduring for the foreseeable future, not merely a Clinton-Obama phenomenon.

Ever since at least Bill Clinton’s Presidency, the Democratic Party has been effectively controlled by billionaires who believe (unlike the ones who fund the Republican Party) that so long as a few crumbs of symbolically progressive rhetoric are repeated as ‘representing’ what the Party stands for, the billionaires will be able to grab from the Government whatever they want, and their abuses of (and deceptions against) the public will be able to continue without real accountability. Thus, though low-class crooks (and many poor innocents who become wrongly convicted) go to prison, super-rich or ‘upper-class’ mega-crooks become instead ‘philanthropists’, and they get buildings named after themselves, while receiving further tax-write-offs, at the same time.

The Democrat Barack Obama entered the White House in January 2009 right after America’s orgy of bankster crimes, which the Republican President George W. Bush had tolerated, and which had brought down the global economy. This Democratic President didn’t prosecute the banksters; he protected them from prosecution. Although he promised the public that he would prosecute the banksters, he told the banksters privately that he would “protect” them, and he even went so far as to tell them, in private, that the public who wanted them to be investigated, and wanted them to be maybe even prosecuted, for what they had done, were comparable to the KKK in the 1920s, who, with pitchforks, had pursued Blacks, and then lynched them. The public in a supposed democracy were here being analogized, by this Democratic U.S. President, to being a racist, bigoted, mob. The banksters were their supposed victims. Obama told the banksters, in private, as reported in Ron Suskind’s 2011 Confidence Men:

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