Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Left WORRIED that Senate hearing on Parkland school shooting will NOT focus on NRA and instead on FBI, law enforcement

Pointing Fingers: Liberal news outlets are voicing concern that a Senate hearing focusing on events that led to the recent shootings at a Parkland, Fla., high school will focus more on failures of local law enforcement and the FBI rather than the nation’s foremost gun-rights group, the NRA.

“A Push for Gun Control Legislation Appears Dead in Congress. Again,” the Left-leaning Daily Beast news site reported.

“Meaningful reform on guns or “school safety” appears to be nearing a quiet death, just weeks after demands for action peaked following the Parkland shooting,” the web site noted.

“Sources on Capitol Hill now universally say they do not expect legislation—even the narrowed down variety—to pass, while senior officials at the White House appear committed to spotlighting the influence they suggest violent video games are having on our nation’s youth.”

The site noted further:

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