Tuesday, February 27, 2018

With Global Government 'Conspiracy Theory' Proven True, World Government Summit Says 'Future Plans Do Not Include America'

Over the past several decades, the American taxpayer has been providing billions of dollars funding globalists projects around the world such as building and refurbishing mosques, providing for the defense of nations and helping resettle immigrants who might not have America's best interests in mind into America. Yet as we read in this recent story from WND, the world has given America it's cowardly middle finger in repayment for our kindness and generosity over the past 40+ years.

While the American taxpayer has gotten more in debt to the tune of 20 trillion dollars with that number growing every day, even far-left Vox reports a group of global elites recently met in Dubai to discuss the future of the world, and: "Their plans didn't include America". 

While not outright confirmation of Deagel's forecast of only 54 million living here in 2025, as the New American recently reported, that "creepy world government summit" not only targeted America but freedom as well with top globalists, communists, and Islamists from all over the planet gathered for the appropriately called: World Government Summit.

And while over the past several decades, tens of millions of Americans were called 'conspiracy theorists' and labeled as 'crazy' by society as a whole and specifically the mainstream media for simply suggesting that such a thing as a 'world government' or a 'New World Order' existed, part of the agenda for this meeting was to push for what they themselves called a “new world order.” 

From the New American story

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