Thursday, September 14, 2017

Shiksa Ivanka Trump Alt-Right Cover Girl? Puhleeze!

I can’t believe the total PC insanity now afflicting America. I read someplace the other day leftys are claiming us “Alt-Righters” worship Ivanka Trump as our “Cover Girl.” Complete BS. These YIDiots are insane. Ivanka is a card-carrying Jew convert, attends a Jew Supremacist Chabad Shul (SINagogue); along with her twerpy Jew hubby, Jared Kushner, who financially supports Zionist Jews land stealing the Palestinians in the West Bank. Beloved first daughter was also the first one to publicly prod her daddy, President Trump, into slandering all us “haters” in Charlottesville, even though ANTIFA were the real creeps behind the violence — right after the epic screwing by the lefty Virginia governor and Jewish mayor standing down the cops to let it happen.

It’s the Germanic blond hair thing with these White-haters. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve known plenty of super smart pro-White women with blond hair in my time. Whites have blond hair, brown hair, red hair and are brunettes. Whites themselves are the most beautifully diverse race on the planet — and we certainly don’t need, nor want, any nappy-haired, excrement-colored and nostril flaring flat-nosed bull crap!

Calling Shiksa Princess Ivanka “Cover Girl of the Alt-Right” is like calling Milo Yiannapolous (right) the intellectual political leader of the Alt-Right. Milo is a known Jewish homosexual from Britain, who happily brags about performing oral sodomy on black boyfriends. Sick! The guy is nothing more than a puffed-up pervert opportunist with phony bleached blond hair and slickster clothes, trying to make big bucks off the paradigm shift among us American Goyim. In a couple of years, he’ll look just like some ugly old Jew the same as the rest of them. The media claims Milo is “our leader” simply because he’s a fellow Jew. They fully expect him to toe the line when it comes to precious holocausted Jewry and their insane perversions they’ve unleashed in our countries simply because he’s a dirty little fag.*

All these people don’t care one lick about you. Never have. They just want you to keep it zipped, support sacred Israel, pay your taxes to the Federal Reserve on time and be all “tolerant” should some skinny Muslim Somali go off half-cocked and stab a bunch of us in a shopping mall. To them, we’re just a bunch of goyim trash no different than the non-White Third Worlders they keep bringing into our lands. Same BS is going on in Europe among the oh-so-fashionable elite over there. Whites are sick of this BS!

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