Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Peter Brimelow At AMREN: “We Have A Totalitarian Left In This Country”

Now, my subject today is “Grading Trump’s Performance,” especially from my own perspective and VDARE.com’s perspective– we’re single-issue voters on the immigration issue. And this chaos is certainly irritating; it makes grading difficult. You have to see through the chaos and focus on the big picture, the emerging building.

But I’ll end the suspense: Donald Trump gets an A—for one simple reason: he’s definitely not Hillary Clinton.

As a matter of fact, he’s definitely not Jeb Bush either! So let’s make that an A+!

Bush would have added insult to injury. Cuckservative Review, and all the Coyote News talking heads would be telling us about The Conservative Case for Bush’s Amnesty/Immigration Surge. It would have been unbearable

Because an Amnesty/ Immigration Surge is absolutely what we would have gotten from Clinton. And a complete collapse of enforcement at the borders, let alone in the interior. And a massive increase in refugees (i.e., expedited, subsidized, politically favored immigrants—not refugees in the classical sense at all). She would have gone the full Merkel.

I can’t overemphasize how important this is. The 2016 election was, as Mike Anton called it, “The Flight 93 Election.” It was a desperate attempt, like those people in the plane that went down in Pennsylvania on 9/11, to get control of the flight or die. That was what had to be done. There was just no alternative.

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