Thursday, November 17, 2016

Google & Facebook Moving to Ban the Independent Media

Google told the Wall Street Journal late Monday that it will ban fake news websites from participating in its ad network, cutting off a significant revenue source. Google enacted a similar policy for its ad service earlier in the day. This means that Google has now announced that it will ban sites with fake news from its ad service which it calls Google Adsense. I have been a participant in Google Adsense and to Google I say good riddance they can take their Soviet style censorship and hide it where the sun does not shine.

Google and Facebook are obvious establishment organizations who want to be a part of controlling everything you read, see and hear like you are a bunch of little children who have no sense of discernment. IF the Independent Media’s news was fake, wouldn’t public do their own censoring? Of course they would. However, that is not the issue. The issue is about control.

The answer is simple, simply boycott all sponsors of Google and Facebook and let them know you are doing it. We can expand the boycott to the corporations who benefit from the free trade agreements. The process is simple, buy local and patronize locally owned businesses as much as it is possible.

When it comes to Facebook, there is already an excellent alternative where there is no censorship and they don’t gather personal data on you and sell it. The organization is The site is growing like wildfire and I am proud to represent Social media is indeed important especially for the people who are new to the movement. They need to perform a reality check and this is an excellent way to accomplish this goal.

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