Tuesday, October 18, 2016

John Derbyshire Says: GOP Pigs (Including Bush Dynasty And Paul Ryan) Vote For Clinton. But Not Me.

I guess The Donald should be glad at least that his enemies can’t play the Hitler card. Hitler seems to have been well-nigh sexless—definitely not a ladies’ man. Eva Braun once grumbled that he had never treated her like a woman. Nobody’s quite sure what she meant, and whatever it was died with her in the bunker. But it’s not a thing you can imagine a woman saying about Trump.

Oh, wait—his enemies are playing the Hitler card.[Springtime for Donald | Let’s just say it: Trump sounds more and more like Hitler, By William Saletan [Email him] , Slate, October 14, 2016]

The tape that triggered the most recent fuss was of Donald Trump talking to Billy Bush back in 2005 (!) when both were involved with a TV celebrities show. It was bro talk, guy to guy, and not sensationally dirty. By the standards of our public culture—dialog in movies and novels, what you hear at a poetry slam or a rap concert, what you see at a Superbowl half-time show—it barely moved the needle on the filth dial. So what was all the fuss about?

Answer: the fuss is about Trump’s political enemies figuring to peel a few ten thousands more female votes away from him–and the Main Stream Media of course enthusiastically pumping air into the thing to help them.

So the cry rang out around the nation: “Trump disrespects women!”

Does he? He clearly likes to try seducing beautiful women, including married ones. When rebuffed, however, as he tells us on the offending tape, he lets it go, as a gentleman should.

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