Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton, the Queen of Flip-Floppery, on genocide

Few people can honestly dispute that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) is the Queen of Flip-Floppery and that her flip-flop record is lengthy: the North American Free Trade Agreement, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Cuban embargo, Keystone oil pipeline, sanctuary cities, same-sex marriage, charter schools, and more.

But HRC’s flip-flops on the most extreme form of mass murder—genocide—may be the most disturbing. In her case, it’s the proven genocide of 1.5 million Christian Armenians (as well as Hellenics and Assyrians) committed by Ottoman Turkey from 1915–23.

Evolution of a flip-flopper

HRC probably learned genocide flip-floppery as First Lady (1993–2001) to her husband President Bill Clinton.

Breaking his promise to call the Armenian murders “genocide,” President Clinton dubbed them simply “deportations and massacres.” In 2000, and encouraged by Israel’s Shimon Peres, the president got then House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R- IL)—now a convicted child molester—to cancel what would have been a winning vote on an Armenian genocide resolution.

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