Monday, September 05, 2016

The Libertarianism Antithesis: War

Until the longest war in U.S. history ends, substantive liberty will not return to American soil. Nothing is more important to freedom than to oppose the militarization of society because the two social models cannot coexist. Inevitably, one will overthrow the other.

What Is War? What Is Libertarianism?

The root of the conflict is expressed in the definitions of "war" and "libertarianism."

War is traditionally defined as the situation in which one state officially declares open hostility against the territory and people of another. Sometimes the word "war" is replaced by euphemistic terms such as "police action" but this is sophistry.

The purpose of war is to defend the alleged ‘rights’ of the state(s) involved: territorial sovereignty, control of resources, treaties, spheres of influence, or a specific political system such as monarchy. War does not defend individuals or their rights except as an occasional and unintended consequence. Instead, a warring state deliberately violates the person and property of individuals within its own territory by using them as resources in the war effort; those who dissent – by refusing to register, for example – are punished. At the same time, a warring state destroys the people and property of an enemy nation as a matter of strategy or as acceptable collateral damage.

By contrast, libertarianism holds individual rights as primary and the initiation of force as anathema to them.

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