Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Eleven Years After His Death, Sam Francis Speaks On The Current Crisis Of The Elite

Samuel T. Francis, my friend and ally for thirty years, passed away in 2005. But he left us in manuscript his master work of power diagnostics, Leviathan and Its Enemies: Mass Organization and Managerial Power in Twentieth-Century America which has now finally been published— with an explanatory introduction by Jerry Woodruff, a Foreword by Fran Griffin, and an Afterword by Paul Gottfried. This book of 756 pages is vintage Francis, providing a theoretical background for the Managerial Elite which now rules us and its history from the late 19th century to the 1990s. Most significantly, Sam anticipated with near -perfection the Crisis of that Elite that now characterizes the American and Western European regimes, impelled in part by unprecedented mass non-traditional immigration. His book presents not only an incomparable analysis of power but also an essential alternative perspective on American history.

The Managerial Elite, comprised of the masters of organizational and technocratic mysteries who have come to govern the mass organizations of contemporary society, has shown remarkable vitality. It absorbed Big Business and the New Left. It easily absorbed and neutered Reaganite “conservatism.” It has established almost complete political, economic, and cultural hegemony. But the Managerial Elite suffers fatal weaknesses—which Francis predicted would threaten its reign.

Of course, the previous aristocratic and bourgeois elites looked after their own power and interests. But they were in and of society. Managerial power, however, for probably the first time in history, relies entirely on manipulation from above of a mass population. The aristocratic elite were “lions.” The bourgeois elite were a combination of “lions” and “foxes.” The Managers are all “foxes.

Recent events have revealed this truth clearly: An American President and a German Chancellor ready to replace their own people with others. Clearly, these elite figures are mentally and spiritually outside the societies they rule.

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