Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Eurovision a U.S. propaganda tool against Russia

Eurovision, the annual European song competition that launched the careers of the Swedish group Abba and Canada’s Celine Dion, has become nothing more than a propaganda tool of the United States.

Acting through gay rights and anti-Russian groups financed by George Soros, the United States managed this year to deny the Eurovision award to Sergey Lazarev, the popular Russian singer and the odds-on favorite to win. Instead, Eurovision, which was held in Stockholm, gave the award to the Ukrainian contestant Susana Jamaladynova or “Jamala” for a song about Soviet crimes against the Crimean Tatars during World War II. The song is titled “1944.” The Eurovision decision was based purely on politics and as a way to not only deny the Russian contestant a win but to punish Russia and its government.

The decision to give this year’s Eurovision prize to Ukraine was a political response to Russia’s reincorporation of Crimea into the Russian Federation after a right-wing coup ousted Ukraine’s elected president in 2014 and a referendum in Crimea voted to return to Russian rule.

Eurovision, which is a program of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), a consortium of 53 broadcasters from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, states that politics will play no role in the Eurovision competition. However,at the 2014 Eurovision competition in Copenhagen, the winner was “Conchita Wurst,” a bearded Austrian drag queen whose actual name is Thomas Neuwirth. The award to Neuwirth was considered a slap at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policies on LGBTs in Russia. The 2014 award to Neuwirth followed the 2009 entry of a song by Georgia that was titled “We don’t Wanna Put In.” For an organization that officially eschews politics, there is plenty to be found in Eurovision.

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