Monday, April 04, 2016

UN Seeks “Unprecedented” Amount of Data to Impose Agenda 2030

The United Nations wants governments to provide more data — about everything. Apologists for tyranny and the widespread death it produces have long claimed that, if central planners only had more and better data with which to make decisions about your life, central planning might be less disastrous. Under the guidance of a senior Chinese Communist operative at the UN, humanity may be about to find out if that dubious claim is true — at least if there is not concerted action to stop the establishment's UN Agenda 2030 to “transform” the world.  

In its ongoing crusade to shackle the planet under the draconian UN vision, essentially an undisguised recipe for global socialism/fascism under the guise of “sustainable development,” the UN is demanding an “unprecedented” amount of data from every corner of the planet. Everything from the prevalence of UN indoctrination in schools to the subservience of national governments to the UN's immigration demands will be tracked, measured, and analyzed as part of the “indicators” used to more effectively impose the UN's sought-after transformation.

However, despite calling the data-gathering and -mining component the “final piece of the architecture for implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” the Communist Chinese agent leading the relevant UN bureaucracy that oversees it all said much work still remained. “Completing the indicator framework is of course not the end of the story — on the contrary, it is the beginning,” said UN Under-Secretary-General for the Department of Economic and Social Affairs Wu Hongbo (shown), a key player in the emerging global system being imposed under UN Agenda 2030.    

“The SDG [Sustainable Development Goals] indicators will require an unprecedented amount of data to be produced and analyzed,” continued Wu, a high-level Communist Chinese operative who served as the brutal regime's “assistant foreign minister” prior to taking over the powerful post at the UN from another anti-American Chinese Communist named Sha Zakung. “And it is evident that this will pose a significant challenge for national statistical systems, in developing as well as developed countries.” Not to worry, though, the UN and its wealthier member governments have already promised to help those regimes ruling “developing” country to build up the necessary data-gathering tools.

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