Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trump Explains How To Make Mexico Pay For Wall. MSM, Conservatism Inc. Don’t Want To Hear. Does Cruz?

It’s a rare occasion when the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro can say something nice about Donald Trump. But in response to Trump’s recent explanation of how he would force Mexico pay for the Trump Wall (by using the remittance weapon, like Israel), the fiercely anti-Trump pundit offered praise as well as the usual insults:

This idea is actually decent. If you wish to halt illegal immigration, preventing those who come illegally from sending money back home accomplishes this purpose. If you wish to pressure the Mexican government, preventing people from sending money back to Mexico accomplishes this purpose.

[Trump Trots Out His Plan To Force Mexico To Build A Wall. Surprise! It’s Not Bad, Daily Wire, April 5, 2016]

Of course, VDARE.com proposed this idea twelve years ago and has been monitoring the remittance issue ever since.

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