Tuesday, November 03, 2015

“Becoming Who We Are”—An Immigration-Critical Jew Reflects On NPI’s Conference

An article in the decidedly Leftist Huffington Post by the unmistakably Leftist reporter Samantha Lachman described the just-concluded conference of the National Policy Institute that I attended at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on October 31 in a way that bore little resemblance to what I heard there [White Nationalists Gather On Halloween To Discuss How Oppressed They Are, October 31, 2015]. On the basis of an interview with the speakers, Samantha, who reveals she is Jewish, is sure that they, plus their audience, are working to create an American ”white ethno-state” and all think Jews have “rigged the American political system” to favor the immigration of non-Euro-Americans. Samantha also claimed that the conference was pushing the unspeakably outrageous idea of forcing “women back in the kitchen, 1950s style.” In her fevered imagination, America in the 1950s was equivalent to a Taliban society.

For the record, I am writing as an immigration-critical Jew, who is sick of the Leftist bigotry I regularly encounter in Samantha’s publication and others of its ilk. I readily confess to loving the 1950s America I grew up in, but I have no intention (nor did anyone I heard at the conference) of “forcing” women back into anything.

It’s not even that I think the sentiments or views in question are evil or even essentially wrong. I just didn’t hear them articulated in the talks or in the ensuing Q/A sessions.

One of the participants whom Samantha point-and-spluttered at, Professor Kevin MacDonald, has written about the extensive, lavish Jewish involvement in immigration expansion over the last hundred years. But this seems to be a matter of record rather than a sign of hating Jews. (See my critique of Professor MacDonald’s work as proof that I am not his lackey). It is also understandable that someone who deplores the political and social effects of immigration, particularly since 1965, would deplore the undeniable Jewish organizational support for this transformative process. And this would include Jewish as well as Christian opponents of this metamorphosis.

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