Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Doesn’t The GOP Adopt The Ann Coulter Playbook?

Whatever you think about Ann Coulter, she cannot be accused of mincing her words. Beginning with her new book’s title—Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole—Coulter departs decisively from the usual GOP playbook—soften the “tone” on immigration, avoid any mention of that our immigration policy is making Europeans a minority in the country they founded, etc. Of course, this has gotten the GOP nowhere. Coulter’s playbook, on the other hand, seems to be working.

Often talk of “tone” is just a euphemism for supporting amnesty, but sometimes immigration patriots will make this argument, too. Even Senator Ted Cruz agreed that “The tone of immigration contributed” to Mitt Romney’s losing the Hispanic vote 71% to 27%. The Center for Immigration Studies’ Jerry Kammer[Email him] criticized John Tanton for having a “tin ear for the sensitivities of immigration.”

If Tanton has a tin ear, Coulter’s is tungsten. Most of the Main Stream Media coverage of the book is little more than what Steve Sailer calls “point and splutter” at her Political Incorrectness. As you can’t literally point and sputter on the internet, this literally involves tweeting: “Wow, just . . . wow” and ”I can’t even.” Last year, Hamilton Nolan at Gawker tried to justify not engaging or trying to refute Coulter’s arguments:

Ann Coulter is not a “serious” political commentator. Ann Coulter is a troll. To the extent that you take Ann Coulter’s words seriously, Ann Coulter wins. You cannot “win” an “argument” against Ann Coulter’s “position,” because her positions—which are plainly wrong, and which do not require lengthy arguments to refute—exist only to draw attention to Ann Coulter. This is how she eventually makes lots of money selling books and giving speeches to dumb people.

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