Thursday, January 01, 2015

My Response to Jack Hunter’s Latest TAC PC Lament

Jack Hunter, our former paleocon fellow traveler, is at it again, trying to atone for his past sins against the Church of PC, by throwing his past self and his past audience under the PC bus. I once remarked on a post on Jack’s Facebook page, that I didn’t think his conversion was sincere, and that he was just trying to get back in the good graces of respectable society. He got angry at my comment. I personally think it is hard to un-swallow the Red Pill once you have swallowed it, but for the sake of the argument, let’s assume that Jack really is sincere. Even if we grant that, does he not realize that his continuing to publicly and prominently proclaim his new found embrace of rightthink is unseamly? OK, we get it. You’re now a rightthinker. Now can we please move on? Isn’t there something to be said for the concept of letting your yes be yes and your no be no? I believe I read about that in this really important big Book one time. If he hasn’t convinced his left-wing and neocon PC critics by now, he never will. To continue this sort of public PC prostration is just shameless.

Jack is not without a legit point in his essay, which I concede below. A lot of conservatives’ alleged refusal to listen to blacks is because they are locked into a mindset of ideological color-blindness and follow PC rules pristinely. That’s not the same point Jack is making, but it’s related. But there is a way to make the point Jack was trying to make without PC clowning yourself. Unfortunately, he didn’t do so almost certainly because PC clowning himself was his intent. The trajectory of Jack’s pundit career is a real shame. He made good and thought provoking videos. It’s too bad paleodom has lost him.

Here is my reply to his article that I posted in the comments. So far it is still in moderation. We’ll see if it makes the cut:

Jack, there is nothing wrong with listening to blacks. There is nothing wrong with taking their concerns seriously. I don’t doubt that white cops “profile” and are quicker to assume criminal intent on the part of blacks, but I also don’t doubt that black cops do the same. But you can’t productively have this sort of conversation in isolation from the reality on the ground. And you can’t have it in a climate of PC where it is OK to say all sorts of negative things about whites and white cops but not OK to be honest about black behavior.

The plainly obvious fact that everyone knows is that blacks are grossly disproportionately responsible for crimes and have grossly disproportionately high rates of social pathology such as out-of-wedlock births, chronic unemployment, etc. The city of Ferguson and the surrounding parts of St. Louis County illustrate this. These areas used to be overwhelmingly middle class white and they were entirely pleasant places to live. But as the % of black residents grew, the whites “flighted.” So are all these white flighters racists, or are they realists? And I dare you to say they are racists because if your extended family is at all typical of other white South Carolina families, then it no doubt contains a lot of people who did the same thing.

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