Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Why Has GOP Leadership Spurned Base, Election And Constitution? Severe ADD (Adelson Dollar Disorder)!

First, the magnitude of the Republican debacle over CROmnibus needs to be stipulated. After an election cycle which started with the shock primary defeat of Amnesty squish Eric Cantor by Patriot David Brat and ended with the resounding rejection of driving licenses for illegals by Oregon voters (at the same time as they returned a Democrat Senator), and with sweeping gains by Republicans across the country, the GOP Congressional leadership has passed a measure which acquiesces in Obama’s Administrative Amnesty coup d’état (and in the racial socialism of Obamacare as well).

I commend Daniel Horowitz’s discussion GOP Elites Don’t Love the Constitution Conservative Review December 14, 2014.
Late Saturday night, while few Americans were paying attention, the GOP establishment abrogated the last distinguishing factor that existed between the two parties. The GOP elites in the Senate joined Democrats in declaring our Constitution null and void. 
Not only were Senate Republicans planning to rubber stamp the CRomnibus /amnesty bill – the worst and most consequential single piece of legislation since Obamacare – they wanted to get it done without compelling Democrats to take a tough vote defending Obama’s illegal actions 
20 Republicans – including Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and John Cornyn (R-TX) – voted with Democrats to affirm the constitutionality of Obama’s act.
Anyone who scans the conservatively-inclined media knows that the Republican grassroots are ablaze with rage (unless one were to make the mistake of looking at National Review Online, which is trying hard to distract its serfs with fireworks about the CIA Torture report).

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