Thursday, April 12, 2012

John Derbyshire To Start column

James Fulford writes: The leftist witch-hunt against Politically Incorrect Crimethink rages on, with National Review Editor Rich Lowry stupidly fuelling it further by sacrificing distinguished political scientist (and sometime contributor) Robert Weissberg. (See Elspeth Reeve’s gloating Atlantic account Racist Writers Are Right to Feel Threatened, which goes on to attack

What will Lowry do when Mitt Romney is attacked as "Racist!!!!" because Mormonism didn’t accept blacks as priests until 1978?

Because it’s going to happen—anyone running against Obama is going to be attacked as "Racist!!!!"

That’s what this is all about.

We were particularly amused by this inadvertent insight from an otherwise painfully PC Forbes Magazine blogger called Mark Adomanis:

"[W]hat gives Derbyshire’s martyrdom much broader political relevance and significance is the light it casts on a large and growing divide within the conservative movement between the self-appointed elite and the base….I think it’s pretty apparent that there is a genuine disconnect between conservative leaders and the led and that this anger is very close to boiling over.

Despite the appearance of uniformity, the conservative movement is riven with myriad tensions and internal contradictions. The disagreement over how to handle matters of race is one of the more contentious issues, but is hardly unique in this regard (immigration is probably the worst, but gay marriage is not far behind)."