Monday, April 16, 2012

Derbyshire, Weissberg, And Dog-Whistling: Conservatism Inc's Uneasy Balancing Act

It’s become numbingly predictable. The Cultural Marxist Left “investigates” a selected individual working in the Establishment Conservative movement—what has been called, all too accurately, Conservatism Inc. Finding impermissible unPC deviationism, the Left demands the termination of the offending employee.

Conservatism Inc. hastens to agree—instantly groveling before its supposed political opponents and sometimes even thanking them for bringing the scandal to their attention.

The employee's life and career are destroyed more completely than it would be if he or she committed robbery or an assault.

But Conservatism Inc. receives no credit from the Left. It learns no lessons. It continues to be smeared as “racist” as ever more "links" are exposed. It continues to sacrifice its own, preferring humiliation and even political defeat to being seen as white advocates, or, in Left/ Main Stream Media parlance, “white supremacists”. The Left/ MSM call them this anyway. And the boundaries of acceptable discourse continue to shrink.

Let me look at this ignominious ritual a different way. I believe that there’s a sense in which the multicultural Leftoids are right when they say the entire conservative movement is purely a product of white privilege.

Regardless of whether you are a “fiscal conservative” who emphasizes tax cuts and slashing welfare, a “social conservative” worried about cultural collapse and Christophobia, or a “defense conservative” who spends sleepless nights agonizing over the Iranian Army preparing to invade New Hampshire, the fact is that all of the various factions and constituencies within what we call "the conservative movement" are almost entirely white.